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Our History: A Legacy of Innovation

Where we’ve been says a lot about where we’re going

At Versum Materials, our innovation-driven past is what makes us future ready. We used to be part of Air Products, a global leader in the industrial gas industry. Our experience in specialty materials goes back decades.

In the 1960s, Air Products recognized that many of its products, like oxygen and hydrogen, were building-block chemicals, so it diversified into process intermediate chemicals. The company expanded its chemical business into the electronics market in the 1970s and launched a number of game-changing technologies along the way.

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Although the company's earliest success was based on oxygen supply, its nitrogen applications increased in importance.

The company also further invested in chemicals, making its entree into the electronics industry. By 1978, Air Products had become a Fortune 500 company on the strength of $1 billion in sales.

MEGASYS® Total Gas Management On-Site Services, an industry-first offering, is developed in response to customers who want more than just bulk and specialty gas.

MEGASYS® services provide a deeper understanding of our customers’ processes and the technology roadmap.

Air Products acquires the J.C. Schumacher Company, a supplier of high-purity chemicals for semiconductors, giving it a stronger foothold in specialty electronic materials.

Global expansion continued, as did Air Products’ dedication to the electronics industry.

Earlier development work with the U.S. government paid dividends, catapulting the company’s electronics business to a worldwide leadership position.

In Asia, the company forms joint ventures with Japanese companies Daido Hoxan and Showa Denko to serve the growing electronics industry.

Air Products establishes a new company in Singapore; forms a joint venture in Indonesia; and opens new facilities IN Tsukuba, Japan, to supply products to the Asian semiconductor market.

The company acquires Solkatronic Chemicals from Solvay America, Inc. This acquisition allows it to expand the offering of high-purity gases and gas handling equipment for the semiconductor market.

Nitrogen trifluoride, a material originally developed for laser weaponry in the 1960s, becomes the pre-eminent chamber cleaning material for the semiconductor industry. Air Products becomes the worldwide leader in production of this material.

Through an alliance with Honeywell, the Air Products Electronic Chemicals (APEC) business group is formed.

APEC supplies a full line of electronic chemicals for the semiconductor industry. These offerings include process chemicals, specialty chemicals, CMP slurries, photoresist ancillaries, and capital equipment.

Air Products acquires DuPont’s interest in DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials LLC, the two companies’ 50-50 joint venture serving the global semiconductor and wafer polishing industries.

Air Products acquired the assets of PolyFlow Engineering LLC. PolyFlow manufactures a line of equipment focused on advanced chemical delivery and precision cleaning for leading semiconductor and photovoltaics manufacturers.

Air Products spins off its electronic materials operations as Versum Materials in October 2016, creating a company solely focused on advanced materials and delivery systems for the semiconductor, display and LED industries.

Versum Materials Acquires Dynaloy from Eastman Chemical

Advances Surface Prep and Clean (SP&C) materials position for semiconductor advanced packaging. Dynaloy is a leading supplier of formulated cleaning solutions for the semiconductor and specialty manufacturing industries.

On October 7, 2019, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, completed its acquisition of Versum Materials.

Rest assured, our spirit of relentless, enthusiastic innovation will continue to drive everything we do!

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