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Mission and Values

Mission: The Future

At Versum Materials, our mission is simple

We help the biggest tech companies around the world stretch the boundaries of science and technology. We deliver specialty expertise, inclusive innovation and valued products and solutions that bring cutting-edge innovation to market faster, easier and more reliably than ever before. We can fulfill our mission thanks to five key values:



We approach every challenge and opportunity with an entrepreneurial mindset. We always cooperate with the passion and determination of a start-up and the confidence and scale of a global leader.



With safety as our top priority, we put sustainability and accountability at the forefront of everything we do. We enable employees and customers to perform more powerfully, without ever compromising safety, integrity, or the environment.



Our speed and agility enable us to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, while maintaining focus on delivering valued products and solutions.



We are stronger together. We aspire to collaborate more confidently and build intimate relationships based on trust, respect, integrity and a deeper understanding of customers’ needs. We also take great pride in making communities a better place to work and live.



Every day, we are determined to create value and sustainable growth for our customers, employees, communities and shareholders. As a leading, innovation-driven electronic materials company, we are committed to operating in a socially responsible and ethical manner.