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Our Commitment to Quality

At Versum Materials, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our quality performance to gain a competitive advantage with best-in-class suppliers, engaged employees and satisfied customers.

Our corporate values of passion, precision, purpose, partnership and performance drive cost-effective and efficient practices to enable the safe manufacture of reliable, top-quality products and services for our customers in the semiconductor industry.

Versum Materials Commitment to Quality


Our commitment to quality is to understand our industry’s requirements, meet or exceed our commitment to our customers’ expectations by driving to perform the correct tasks, error-free, on-time, every time. This customer-focused, enterprise-wide approach is led by all of our employees and supports our business quality objectives to deliver high-quality and reliable products and services.

We set quality goals and objectives, which are shared throughout the organization. We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our overall quality performance and are responsible for the development of our employees’ skills to perform their roles exceptionally and focus on quality and excellence. We regularly review our performance and take the actions needed to make sure our quality goals and objectives are met.

Our employees play an important role in how quality impacts the products and services we deliver to our customers. Everything we do is connected. And like safety, there is never a break from quality.



Versum is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. Quality is an integral part of our culture embedded into every employee’s objectives.

We strive to provide quality service and materials that are essential to achieving and maintaining our customer’s trust and long-term partnerships. This trust is based on our reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products and services.

We are dedicated to continual improvement of our overall quality performance and the development of employees’ skills to perform their role with the objective of industry leadership.

We set and regularly review goals and objectives to ensure global consistency of our products and services. The Quality policy is reviewed, communicated, understood, and implemented across the company with a commitment from leadership to achieve our quality objectives as a world-class supplier.

Business Managers are responsible for defining quality needs for their business SBUs, providing resources, directing activities, and advising employees and suppliers of their role in adhering to the principles embodied in this Quality policy.

The Business Quality Leaders are responsible for collaborating across businesses, defining, developing, owning and improving the quality management system capabilities that are common across Versum.

The Vice Presidents are responsible for ensuring quality processes and systems are deployed and Quality activities receive senior management direction and control.

All employees shall be aware of and perform their role in achieving our quality goals and objectives.


To meet and exceed our customers’ quality expectations, we maintain Quality Management Systems (QMS) based on our business and customer needs. These systems are reviewed regularly to look for opportunities for improvement.  We make sure we adapt our practices to our customer and industry expectations on quality as these evolve in the markets we serve.

To drive quality improvements more effectively throughout our organization, we established a Quality Management System Center of Excellence. This group of employees is the stewards for quality. They make sure that our Quality Management Systems provide global consistency and local flexibility around quality. They also make sure these systems meet the requirements of international standards such as ISO 9001, which our customers expect.


Electronics Business

Dynaloy, A Versum Materials Business


Versum Materials is in compliance with the IATF Industry requirements as a sub-supplier to the automotive industry. Currently, we do not have plans to have our plants certified to the Automotive Standard but all our plants are prepared to successfully be audited to the standard. All our Quality Managers have been trained to lead an IATF audit at our manufacturing plants. We have had many of our customers successfully audit our plants to VDA or IATF requirements.

The requirement has been interpreted for certification requirements: It is mandatory for Tier 1 (Direct) Suppliers to OEM to be IATF 16949 certified. IATF certification for Tier 2 or 3 or in automotive supply chain suppliers is not mandatory.

At Versum, we ensure all our plants are compliant (understand the standard requirements, can be audited to and receive passing satisfactory scores to the end customer with no majors) but currently are not pursuing direct Certification.  When preparing for a customer audit, the Versum plant will work with the end customer to understand if they are following IATF or VDA. In general, IATF is more widely accepted globally. European companies tend to use VDA. The U.S. and Asia tend to follow IATF.

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