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Discover the Future of Quality in CMP Slurries

Dr. Laura Matz, Vice President Planarization at Versum Materials, presented “The Future of Quality in CMP Slurries” at SMC Korea 2019 on 16 May 2019 in Seoul, Korea.

SMC Korea 2019 is the premier conference on electronic materials in the region. Top executives from every segment of semiconductor manufacturing gather to provide the most current developments in areas of advanced materials. The event was held on Thursday, May 16, 2019, from 09:00-18:30 in Conference Room 401 at the COEX.  This year’s theme was “Materials Shaping the Future of Electronics.”

Her presentation, “The Future of Quality in CMP Slurries “ addresses the challenges for the industry and the supply base as industry leaders continue to push Moore’s Law for both memory and logic devices and the how critical it is to advance the quality of materials. Formulated Products, specifically lithography materials, formulated cleans and CMP slurries, represent a more significant challenge in this respect because of various raw materials utilized for a single formulation. As the industry pushes forward, the use of data analytics and predictive modeling will be critical to advancing the quality of these raw materials for enabling leading-edge quality and excursion prevention. Driving higher quality and supply management deeper into the raw material supply chain combined with predictive modeling is critical to managing product variability while balancing total cost of ownership. In this presentation, learn how this approach can advance material quality for raw materials.

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