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CHEMGUARD® Gen III Model CG350 Automated Chemical Refill System W/Opt. eV Heating

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NEW: The 3rd Generation of the CHEMGUARD is here! The CHEMGUARD CG350 is a dual tank liquid refill (DTLR) cabinet designed for maximum uptime and to meet the demanding needs of today’s manufacturing fabs.

CHEMGUARD has a reduced footprint of 457mm (18 in.) by 533 mm (21 in.), allowing for multiple cabinet placement directly adjacent to each other. This maximizes the use of your floor space within the fab while reducing exhaust requirements for a much lower cost of ownership.

Each cabinet is fully automated and includes a microprocessor‐based controller with color touch screen. The controller optimizes container change operations with automated monitoring to ensure removal of chemical from pigtail connections.

CHEMGUARD Gen. III also adds improvements developed out of our experience and significant install base. The learnings are targeted to maximize the return on your investment by maximizing uptime in high volume manufacturing, while minimizing cost of ownership.

The CHEMGUARD® family of automated refill systems is based on a multi‐generational history beginning with the first Schumacher ultra high‐purity (UHP) refill systems in 1980’s. Years of experience goes into each design, ensuring delivery of UHP liquids in a safe and cost‐effective manner.

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