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CHEMGUARD® GENIII 500 Automated Chemical Refill System with Solvent Purge

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Our CHEMGUARD Gen III 500 is a dual-reservoir (DTLR) system with automated solvent purge for low volatility chemicals. Dual precursor tanks allow for 100% uptime to meet the needs of today’s manufacturing fabs. Years of experience goes into all of our high purity chemical delivery equipment, ensuring delivery of ultra high purity (UHP) liquids in a safe and cost-efficient manner.

CHEMGUARD has a reduced footprint of 457mm (18 in.) by 533 mm (21 in.), allowing for multiple cabinet placement adjacent to each other. This maximizes the use of your available floor space within the fab while reducing exhaust requirements for a lower cost of ownership. Each cabinet is fully automated and includes a microprocessor-based controller with color touch screen. The third generation controller design optimizes container change operations with automated monitoring to ensure removal of all chemical traces from pigtail connections. Standardized, modular design allows for customization, ease of maintenance and future expansion. Each CHEMGUARD model is backed with testing and years of experience to ensure reliable chemical delivery to the tool with no downtime.

The CHEMGUARD family of high purity chemical delivery equipment is more than just a standalone piece of equipment in your fab. It is designed to interface directly to most OEM process tools and can be supplemented with fabwide distribution systems designed for ultra high purity liquids.

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