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Conductive Adhesives

Versum Materials

Dynaloy Conductive Adhesives

Dynaloy conductive adhesives are excellent replacements for metallic solder where lead usage is prohibited or temperature constraints are present. These two-component epoxy-based systems produce a manageable product ideal for connecting heat-sensitive components to printed circuit boards and connecting ground wires to components. Dynaloy’s conductive adhesives are used extensively in the repair of printed circuits. They are also recommended for shielding, bonding wave guide plumbing in hybrid circuit assembly, and as a plating base. All Dynaloy’s conductive adhesives are silver filled or silver coated.

Dynaloy also produces conductive coatings used in the manufacture of enclosures, cabinets and housings. These coatings replace the use of metals, primarily for use in EMI/RFI shielding. In addition, Dynaloy has developed silver alloy-filled electrically conductive, high-quality lubricants for a variety of applications.

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