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Versum Materials GASGUARD® AP11 Controller Lowers Cost of Ownership, Enhances Safety and Reliability, Delivers Much More

Avoid intolerable downtime using our best available Industry 4.0 smart controller technology. More than 31,000 GASGUARD® units are installed worldwide with a 99.999 percent uptime rate. Our 8,000 AP11 controllers in use globally have achieved more than 40 million operating hours with 99.9994 percent reliability.

There are many reasons why you should upgrade your fab’s gas and chemical cabinets with the GASGUARD® AP11 Controller, the best available technology for controlling, monitoring, heating and blending gases and chemicals in today’s 4.0 smart fabs. Downtime is intolerable. Versum Materials Delivery Systems & Services keeps your gases and chemicals flowing.

One of the key issues is the increasing unavailability of spare parts for the six earlier and now obsolete versions of our controller—the AP3, AP2, GG500, GG450 and GG250. This shortage of spare parts does not affect our GASGUARD AP11 and AP10 controllers.

Versum Materials Gasguard AP11

GASGUARD® AP11 Controller

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to a Versum Materials GASGUARD AP11 Controller:
  1. Reliability. More than 40 million operating hours at 35,000 (3,000 including an AP11 Controller) global installations with a 99.9995% reliability rating.
  2. Safety. Dual processor, redundant power, hardwired shutdown for safety-critical input, outbound diagnostics, excellent signal integrity—all part of the AP11.
  3. Lower cost of ownership. Keeps the gases and chemicals flowing—virtually no downtime.
  4. Extended life of your installed cabinets and other equipment.
  5. Spare parts. Getting them for older, obsolete controllers (AP3, AP2, GG500 etc.) is becoming virtually impossible.
  6. Factory-installed and value-added options: To take advantage of several factory-installed standard features (Automatic Recovery, local trending, etc.) and value-added options (choice of four I/O boards, etc.) available only with the AP11 controller.
  7. Configurability and supportability. The AP11 gives you a platform for expansion and growth.
  8. A simple, easy retrofit, a seamless transition from most legacy controllers, possible compatibility with other vendors’ equipment.
  9. Ability to conduct preventative maintenance and troubleshooting without taking the AP11 offline.
  10. Too many more to mention

The bottom line? AP11 controllers are easier to maintain and work on. Versum’s focus has always been on reliability, reducing mean time to repair, customer uptime and making the system easier for technicians to manage and operate.

Visit our GASGUARD AP11 Controller product page for more information on this offering.

Contact Mark Burr on our Delivery Systems and Services (DS&S) team to get started.

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