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What GASGUARD system is best for controlling heated specialty gases to the tool in my fab?

We recommend our new GASGUARD eV® Temperature Control system.

The Versum Materials GASGUARD eV® Temperature Control System delivers state-of-the-art fabwide heat sourcing and control of electronic specialty gases requiring heating before delivery to the tool. This latest addition to our premier line of GASGUARD delivery systems and equipment includes an ECC heater/controller, the GASGUARD AP11 controller, and a gas cabinet with two blankets and two heat traces to accommodate two A or B size cylinders, plus others are also available.picture1

Key Benefits of the new GASGUARD eV®:

  • Over-temperature protection reliability
  • Integrated monitoring and control
  • Single piece blanket design
  • Smaller footprint
  • Reduced installation costs
  • GFCI protection
  • Single power feed
  • Dual power source optional
  • Class 1, Division 2 approval, ATEX, CE, CSA

Significant upgrades include cutting power sources from 3-to-1 feed, adding GFCI protection, lowering installation costs, and expanding integrated monitoring and control links between the heater/controller and AP11 controller. This encompasses benchmark control technology for specialty gas delivery systems, that providing users with enhanced uptime, simplified troubleshooting and increased controller reliability.

The GASGUARD eV Temperature Control System incorporates a newly redesigned heater blanket. Each blanket has single-piece construction for both the heater and insulation, dual voltage (120V or 208-240V), and over-temperature protection via redundant bimetallic switches.

All GASGUARD gas cabinets and equipment are backed by more than 60 years of experience in the cost-effective, safe, and reliable delivery of gases and chemicals to the semiconductor, TFT-LCD and photovoltaics industry.

To find out more about our new GASGUARD eV® Temperature Control System, please contact:

Kerry Lanza, GASGUARD Offering Manager

How does Versum Materials develop next-generation precursors for their customers?

As the semiconductor industry continues to go beyond Moore’s law, the industry demands new precursor offerings to meet the performance and integration needs for advanced nodes. To successfully develop these materials, Versum Materials’ customers seek partners with a proven track record of material development and process scale up. With our expertise in materials handling, supply chain development, quality control, and container package design, Versum Materials is uniquely positioned to support the market in the adoption of new precursors.

The Experimental Products Program enables our IDM, foundry, and OEM partners to leverage our organizational resources to develop solutions to meet their technology roadmap requirements. The program’s top priority is to be a reliable partner in the supply of these chemistries while holding safety and quality to the highest standard. This goal is summarized by one of our OEM partners, “We can count on the Experimental Products Program to deliver precursors for our development needs and transition this material to our HVM [high volume manufacturing] customers throughout the world.”

Our Experimental Products Program has supplied more than 500 different chemistries in hundreds of container configurations with the appropriate purity and specifications to customers all over the world.

The delivery of high-purity precursors is achieved with the pairing of the right container. The Experimental Products Program allows for fast prototyping of container and level sense configurations customized to address specific delivery requirements. Container manufacturers may be able to offer a simple configuration, but with the complexity of these molecules, expert support is where the program excels. Working closely with R&D scientists, Versum Materials’ container engineers carefully review both the chemical properties and high-purity product flow to match the precursor to the optimal container configuration.

To find out more about our Experimental Products Program, please contact:

Shannon Schott, Experimental Products Program Marketing Manager

How is Versum Materials handling the growing demand for PDMAT for advanced technology nodes?

As a supplier of the solid precursor, PDMAT (Pentakisdimethylamino Tantalum, used in the deposition of TaN film by ALD or CVD) — Versum Materials offers several advantages to customers requiring this increasingly in-demand molecule. They include:

  • Consistent high purity and uniformity
  • State-of-the-art packaging
  • Proven performance
  • A mature, reliable global supply chain
  • Sophisticated analytical capabilities for end users

When copper is used as an interconnect in back-end-of-the-line (BEOL) applications, a TaN barrier is required to prevent Cu electro migration. TaN was deposited in previous nodes using PVD, but device structures are now more complex within advanced nodes; TaN film thickness is reduced and the aspect ratios of features that need to be covered are increasing. For certain applications, PVD-based TaN can no longer meet performance requirements, but ALD-based TaN does achieve the film uniformity and conformality required for thinner films. Thus, PDMAT-based TaN film has been adopted by the semiconductor industry for advanced technology node devices.

The use of PDMAT presents significant challenges. PDMAT is moisture and oxygen sensitive. The oxygen impurity level must be controlled to obtain high-purity TaN film. Since it is a solid precursor, achieving a consistent delivery rate can be challenging. Particle contamination is another major problem during delivery of the material to a process if it is not prepared properly.

Through focused development effort, Versum Materials has solved these challenges with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes including a unique purification process, which effectively removes oxygen and other impurities. Our PDMAT is handled in a controlled atmosphere so very high quality material is delivered to customers.

Equally important, Versum Materials has established unique testing capabilities to optimize its own production and to troubleshoot customer processes.

To find out more about this product offering, please contact:

Dr. Xuezhong “Shawn” Jiang, PDMAT Marketing Manager

How does Versum Materials 'walk' the delivery systems 'safety talk'

Safety is of the utmost important in this industry – and all suppliers tout that in their “mission statements”. But how does Versum Materials walk that talk?

Safety is an all-encompassing term in our industry – in includes employee safety, protecting your assets and assuring performance reliability. From a delivery system standpoint, your gas and chemical delivery cabinets require rigorous oversight.

Whether it is leak testing a gas delivery cabinet, providing a complete customer safety audit or answering a question about emergency procedures for handling a leaking silane cylinder, an “all-in” culture of reliability and environmental, health and safety is required to assure the safety and reliability goals of the semiconductor operation are met.

Here is where Versum Materials “walks the talk”. We have developed tools to better help our customers understand the history, usage, reliability, safety codes, and built-in-quality features of our delivery systems.

Our White Paper: Reliability and Environmental Health and Safety will better illustrate the usage, built-in safety, installation, and applicable gases for use with our GASGUARD® family of systems.

Our Safety and Reliability Checklist will give you a thorough understanding of the engineering controls, process and design metrics of our GASGUARD systems, inform you of the best practice guidelines, and allow you to gauge if you are in supplier compliance or not.

When it comes to environmental health and safety, reliability, quality and the many other things that impact businesses, we are stronger together. All of us at Versum aspire to collaborate more confidently and build intimate relationships based on trust, respect, integrity and a deeper understanding of customers’ needs. We hope you find our two new tools useful. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time and we can begin a dialogue to get you going on the right path.

Contact: Kerry Lanza – GASGUARD Market Manager –