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Supplier Information

Working with Versum Materials

Suppliers are integral members of our team

We created this site to give our suppliers online access to the procurement and payables organizations. You will find information on how to manage supplier-related items and policies.

We want to work with vendors who share our commitment to ethical business practices and who can help us deliver value to our customers.

Versum Supplier Information Details

General Conditions of Purchase

This is information that pertains to doing business with Versum Materials as a supplier.

Supplier Information for doing Business with Versum Materials Procurement Offices

1. with reference to Global Supply Agreements or

2. when agreements from any Versum Materials procurement office specifically reference the Global Terms and Conditions as applying to subject agreement or contract:

Global Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Supplier Information for Invoicing & Payment

In order to better serve your needs, Versum Materials has several ways for suppliers to interact with the payables organization. Please note, payment and invoicing support are currently processed through Air Products as part of our transition as a stand-alone company.

Payment Inquiry

In the case of an overdue invoice, questions or issues, you may contact our Accounts Payable organization.


Suppliers with overdue invoice/payment questions or issues can submit inquiries to Americas Account Payable Department through one of the following links:

Asia Pacific

Suppliers with overdue invoice questions or issues may contact the Accounts Payable desk at

Europe/Middle East/Africa

Suppliers with overdue invoice questions or issues may contact the Accounts Payable help desk via email based on the region you are located.

Invoice Submission Instructions

Versum Materials is committed to paying your invoices consistent with terms and conditions, but we need your help to do so. If you would like to be paid on-time, here are things you can do that will help us make that happen:

1. Send Your Paper Invoices to the Remit To Address as referenced on Purchase Order

  • Sending invoices to any other Versum Materials address will delay payment and will require you to re-submit your invoices correctly.

2. Ensure your Invoice is in accordance with the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  • The correct Versum Materials Entity is referenced on the invoice; this is found on the Purchase Order.
  • Versum Materials’ Purchase Order number (always begins with the number ’45’ or ’49’ and will be 10 digits long) must be referenced on your invoice.
  • Only one Versum Materials Purchase Order may be referenced per invoice.
  • Invoice Date and Invoice Number must appear on your invoice.
  • Invoice Line Item Numbers must match those on the Versum Materials Purchase Order.
  • Invoice quantities should not exceed those on our order.
  • Invoice prices should not exceed those on our order
  • Invoice “Remit To” name must match the supplier name as referenced on the Versum Materials Purchase Order.

If there are any corrections needed in the Purchase Order, please contact the Buyer/Sourcing Specialist prior to submitting your invoice.

Supplier invoices that do not comply with the above requirements will be rejected and returned to Supplier for correction, inevitably delaying payments.

To Verify an Order is Legitimate

We are aware of the increased incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services across the country by parties illegally using the names of large, reputable companies. Versum Materials offers the following guidance to assist suppliers in verifying the authenticity of orders that appear to be requested by Versum Materials:

  • Most of Versum Materials purchases for electronics and associated equipment are typically made with large global suppliers who have previous purchase agreements in place with Versum Materials.
  • If your company received an order from a party claiming to represent Versum Materials, and you do not have a previous purchase agreement in place, further investigation should be considered as this is not our typical supply chain practice.
  • Information to verify in any communication or order includes:
    • Versum Materials contact
    • Shipping address
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • E-mail contact information
    • Website information
      Versum Materials website address is
    • Method of payment, (purchase order, credit card, etc.)
    • Material ordered date and any special references or identification numbers along with special instructions.

Confirming an Order:

If you would like to confirm a Versum Materials order, please provide the following information which will be reviewed promptly by the Versum Materials procurement organization.

Click here to fill out the form.

You may also contact Versum Materials Procurement Office directly at 570-467-4121.

Fraudulent Order:

Please note, if you suspect or believe you are the victim of a fraudulent order, please report your concern to the Versum Materials IntegrityLine.