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How does Versum Materials develop next-generation precursors for their customers?

As the semiconductor industry continues to go beyond Moore’s law, the industry demands new precursor offerings to meet the performance and integration needs for advanced nodes. To successfully develop these materials, Versum Materials’ customers seek partners with a proven track record of material development and process scale up. With our expertise in materials handling, supply chain development, quality control, and container package design, Versum Materials is uniquely positioned to support the market in the adoption of new precursors through our Experimental Products Program.

The Experimental Products Program enables our IDM, foundry, and OEM partners to leverage our organizational resources to develop solutions to meet their technology roadmap requirements. The program’s top priority is to be a reliable partner in the supply of these chemistries while holding safety and quality to the highest standard. This goal is summarized by one of our OEM partners, “We can count on the Experimental Products Program to deliver precursors for our development needs and transition this material to our HVM [high volume manufacturing] customers throughout the world.”

Our Experimental Products Program has supplied more than 500 different chemistries in hundreds of container configurations with the appropriate purity and specifications to customers all over the world.

The delivery of high-purity precursors is achieved with the pairing of the right container. The Experimental Products Program allows for fast prototyping of container and level sense configurations customized to address specific delivery requirements. Container manufacturers may be able to offer a simple configuration, but with the complexity of these molecules, expert support is where the program excels. Working closely with R&D scientists, Versum Materials’ container engineers carefully review both the chemical properties and high-purity product flow to match the precursor to the optimal container configuration.

To find out more about our Experimental Products Program, please contact:

Shannon Schott, Experimental Products Program Marketing Manager