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How is Versum Materials handling the growing demand for PDMAT for advanced technology nodes?

As a supplier of the solid precursor, PDMAT® (Pentakisdimethylamino Tantalum, used in the deposition of TaN film by ALD or CVD) — Versum Materials offers several advantages to customers requiring this increasingly in-demand PDMAT molecule. They include:

  • Consistent high purity and uniformity
  • State-of-the-art packaging
  • Proven performance
  • A mature, reliable global supply chain
  • Sophisticated analytical capabilities for end users

When copper is used as an interconnect in back-end-of-the-line (BEOL) applications, a TaN barrier is required to prevent Cu electro migration. TaN was deposited in previous nodes using PVD, but device structures are now more complex within advanced nodes; TaN film thickness is reduced and the aspect ratios of features that need to be covered are increasing. For certain applications, PVD-based TaN can no longer meet performance requirements, but ALD-based TaN does achieve the film uniformity and conformality required for thinner films. Thus, PDMAT-based TaN film has been adopted by the semiconductor industry for advanced technology node devices.

The use of PDMAT presents significant challenges. PDMAT is moisture and oxygen sensitive. The oxygen impurity level must be controlled to obtain high-purity TaN film. Since it is a solid precursor, achieving a consistent delivery rate can be challenging. Particle contamination is another major problem during delivery of the material to a process if it is not prepared properly.

Through focused development effort, Versum Materials has solved these challenges with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes including a unique purification process, which effectively removes oxygen and other impurities. Our PDMAT is handled in a controlled atmosphere so very high quality material is delivered to customers.

Equally important, Versum Materials has established unique testing capabilities to optimize its own production and to troubleshoot customer processes.

To find out more about this product offering, please contact:

Dr. Xuezhong “Shawn” Jiang, PDMAT Marketing Manager