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Versum Materials Launches Delivery Systems & Services Newsletter

The Delivery Systems & Services (DS&S) segment at Versum Materials is pleased to announce the launch of its Innovations newsletter, which will publish quarterly. The publication targets the global semiconductor manufacturing industry and related electronics industry trade associations. It contains the latest news from DS&S, industry outlooks and trends and offers commentary from experts in the safe distribution of gases and chemicals.

Read the inaugural Innovations newsletter.

For those unfamiliar with our Delivery Systems & Services, this segment is responsible for the design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art chemical, gas and slurry delivery and distribution systems. These systems enable the safe and cost-efficient use of specialty gases and chemicals that are delivered directly to our customers’ manufacturing tools. Product development in this business is enhanced through close collaboration with our OEM customers as well as with the Advanced Materials and Process Materials businesses of our Materials segment.

In addition to the safe distribution of specialty gases and chemicals by our employees and equipment located at customer facilities, we monitor the purity of the materials from the source container through the point of use as well as build and maintain monitoring and control systems that facilitate real-time metrics management of critical customer process conditions.

DS&S provides turnkey installation during facility construction and startup as well as onsite operating services. We supply trained and dedicated technical experts to manage all aspects of the customer’s gas and chemical distribution and handling needs through our MEGASYS® services group. MEGASYS services include inventory management, material handling, gas and chemical container change-out, equipment operation, maintenance, repair, engineering and safety management.

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