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Versum to present at IITC-MAM 2019 Conference

Join Versum’s technical experts at the IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC 2019) and the Materials for Advanced Metallization Conference (MAM 2019). The combined event takes place on June 3–6, 2019 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

Versum is pleased to be a sponsor of the IITC, a premier conference for interconnect technology devoted to advanced metallization and 3D integration for ULSI IC applications and MAM, an event dedicated to the advancement of materials properties and interactions of interconnect and silicide materials.

A contribution on “Slurry design for robust planarization of low k organosilicate glass films” by Dr. Anupama “Anu” Mallikarjunan and colleagues from Versum’s Planarization and Advanced Deposition Materials Technology teams can be viewed on June 4 from 16:00–18:00. The poster will explain low κ Organosilicate Glass (OSG) films are being proliferated into new IC device architectures with a wide range of CMP requirements (highly selective to non-selective polishes, low polish rates to high polish rates). In this paper, the relationship between OSG film properties (both bulk and surface) and their planarization response, especially the removal rate (RR) was first characterized. Eight OSG films were polished using advanced barrier slurries. The films ranged in carbon content from 8 to 24% and in nanoindentation elastic modulus from 5.5 to 21.8 GPa. An inverse relationship was observed between RR and the bulk chemical bonding structure (Si(CH3)x/SiOx peak area ratio as determined by transmission infrared spectroscopy measurements). In addition, the OSG film’s surface free energy post-polish (measured from water and diiodomethane contact angles) varied systematically only with the film’s Si(CH3)x/SiOx ratio. Based on the above learning, a new slurry was formulated and planarized all the OSG films at a similar rate. Such a slurry is better suited for robust manufacturing, as removal will not be affected by differences in OSG film composition.

Visitors to Versum’s booth will learn about the company’s newest innovations and solutions in planarization and advanced materials deposition.

Learn more about the IITC-MAM 2019 Conference.

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